Although, there are lots of factors that affect your search engine traffic and ranking, I would outline ten reasons why you are not getting that search engine traffic you’ve always dreamed of, and then you can design the possible ways to outsmart your weaknesses and rank high in your keywords and get more traffic.

Reason #1: Your Blog is New and Not Yet Ranked/Indexed

You might probably be asking this same question “Why Am I Not Getting Search Engine Traffic”, but if your blog is still new, that’s not a problem. It would take quite some time for your blog to get indexed on Search Engines before your post can start ranking for it’s keywords in it’s niche. All you have to do is work on your getting indexed on Search Engines.

Reason #2: You are Not Writing Popular Topics

Most people waste their time writing articles related to topics which are not even searched for all in the name of writing for what they feel passionate about. One truth I must tell you is, without traffic to your blog, you would definitely get frustrated and quite. Therefore it is high time you write articles for topics which get a reasonable number of search.

Ten Reasons You Are Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

Reason #3: You Don’t Have your Keyword in Your Titles

How can you rank on search engines if your post titles do not contain keywords of what you want to get ranked for. Without your main keywords in your titles, you are probably pointing search engines to rank you in other keywords which might not even be searched for or maybe a keyword that is over competitive. It is strongly advisable that you add you main keywords in your blog post titles.

Reason #4: You Post Content are Too Short

You might not want to believe this, but I sure tell you that this affects your ranking, short blog posts hardly make it to the front 1st page of Search Engines like Google. The longer your blog posts, the more likely you add long-tail keywords which can be searched by people and thus increasing your chances of appearing on search for different keyword searches. For me, 500 words per post is not a bad idea.

Reason #5: You are Not Making Keyword Research

How do you expect your blog post to rank when you do not know what keywords people are making use of in searching for articles in your Niche. Keyword research helps you a great deal to discover what is been searched by people, the keyword combinations and more. You can check for keywords research at Google Keyword Tools.

Reason #6: Relying On SEO Software’s

I sure bet that as a blogger, you must have across of Softwares that claim to optimize your blog automatically. I really want to let you know that softwares won’t help you on your ranking. You need to work hard on your Off and On Page SEO to rank on Search Engines.

Reason #7: You Do not Submit Your Sitemap to Search Engines

Do you even have a sitemap on your blog? Sitemaps help search engine robots to know their way around your blog. After you create sitemaps, it is necessary to submit your sitemaps to search engines. Here is a plugin to create sitemaps on wordpress ( Google XML Sitemaps ). You might want to know how to submit your sitemaps to search engines, then read How to Submit Sitemaps to Search Engines.

Reason #8: You are Not Optimizing Your Images

Optimizing your Images using the ALT tag would help you a great deal in search engine rankings. Most of the time, it would help you rank in images search and also help tell search engines what your primary keywords are all about.

Reason #9: Your Posts are Not Share Able

If your posts are not been shared on social bookmarking or social sites, there is a high probability that it would not rank highly on search engines. This was made known by from an article I read from Branded3.

Reason #10: You are Not Linking Articles

Linking internally and externally helps search engines crawl your articles smoothly. Linking to authority websites is a way of letting search engines know you are a legit and trust worthy site. It would build you trust on their parts.

I hope you can implement this tips and you would in less than no time get that search engine traffic you’ve been longing for.

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